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Originally Posted by Twhite5555 View Post
Read the post closer. I stated his father could by (sic) it and it turned out he didn't like it. He then gave it to his son. Nothing illegal about that. People by things everyday they were not happy with.
Oh, I and others, read it quite closely enough. What you said was:

Originally Posted by Twhite5555 View Post
You could always have you (sic) father buy the gun you want. Then it turns out he didn't like the gun, he could transfer it to you.
See the difference? "You could have your father buy the gun you want...." No need for, "...Then it turns out he (Dad) doesn't like the gun..." (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Dad can buy it outright as a gift for his son, and doesn't have to falsify statements on a federal form.

The fact you don't know this, and your obvious attempt to cover your tracks, speak volumes.


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