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While I do want people to "sweat the details", sufficient care can be taken to alleviate concerns even on an all-RRA gun.

The descriptions of the guns banned on the Kasler list are known. If your RRA LAR15 lower + RRA upper looks different than any of those, it's not a banned RRA model.

This is one of the rare cases where noncharacteristic features changes [such as putting a MagPul grip & buttstock on, plus (say) a VLTOR handguard can render the gun into a configuration not banned]. Since the various banned RRA entities differ in small trivial noncharacteristic features from other non-banned guns changing these out to have a visibly different gun profile & ergonomics renders it not a banned model.

Remember that RRA is also a determiner of what comprises one of their gun models, not the DOJ or local LE. Expert testimony can be garnered should an issue ever occur.

Again, I doubt this issue will arise:
- the RRA lower is marked "LAR-15", which is indeed off-list;
- investigations of such rifles 99.99% of time involve it as "LAR-15";
- few if any DA investigators or LE agencies would have the skill
set, time or budget to differentiate an RRA upper from Stag, Bushy, etc.

CGF can readily help if such issues came up. I just want to ensure nobody's on the edge with a gun they have since minor tweaks can ensure it's not in banned territory. We also have Harrott clarity issues to fall back on in addition to all the above.

What I'm saying, bottom line, is:
- don't panic;
- if you have a non-RRA upper that looks like one of the uppers on a banned configuration, keep the receiot.
- if an "all RRA" gun take precautions above such that gun profile does not match the banned entity in 2000
- and I don't think DOJ at this point will get crazy on this issue;

Relax, breathe deeply. It's not like it's marked "Colt AR-15" [and even that may well be defendable due to former DOJ staffer Iggy Chinn!]

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