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Default Question for women who shoot AR-15's

I like to train all kinds of people in the shooting arts, and I really want to get a lot more of my women shooters into rifles, but (and I don't mean to sound like I'm stereotyping too much) most of the women don't have a whole lot of upper body strength, so even shooting pistols I find them leaning back so that their upper body weight offsets the front-heaviness of the gun.

So, I'm going to build an ar specifically for ladies (although anyone is free to shoot it) and my goal is to make it as light as possible. And I'm going to put the new Pink magpul MOE handguards, grip, and stock on it.

Since I'm a big gross stinky crass man, I'd like the opinion of the ladies here whether they think they'd enjoy shooting a rifle that looks like that, and whether I've addressed the concerns a lot of women have about the weight of the gun.
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