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Originally Posted by sigstroker View Post
That seems to be true with detachable magazines, but aren't most internal box magazines on Remington 700's, Winchester Model 70's, etc stagger feed?
The receiver has the feed rails.
That's why you can't run staggered feed detachable mags.
When you try to put a staggered feed detachable magazine under the receiver, the receiver is in the way of getting the cartridges up high enough that the cartridges can be fed into the chamber by the bolt nose.
If you cut away the underside of the reciever to get the magazine higher, you are removing the rails that the bolt runs on.
That's why detachable magazines for 2 lug bolt rifles are center-feed.
The center feed detachable magazine lips can fit within the receiver's stagger feed lips to present a cartridge up higher where the bolt can get a good presentation of the cartridge into the chamber.

Center feed detachable magazines actually feed BETTER than the fixed magazine stagger feed system.
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