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Sorry about the late post, things have been crazy at work. These are my thoughts on the March 30th Defensive Pistol I course.

What were your expectations before you showed up?

I expected to learn techniques that would improve my chances of survival in a pistol shootout.

Did I meet or exceed those expectations?

Expectations definitely met.

What did you like about the course?

I liked that we had plenty of reps for each point of learning. You're not going to be proficient at anything without practice and we got plenty of that.

How was the flow/format of the course?

Flow was fine.

Were the topics explained well enough?


How did you like the drills?

They were fun, though I would have been a bit better at a few if I was in better physical condition!

Did you find the topics/drills relevant to the course objective?


Was this worth the time and money?

Well worth it.

Would this be worth $120?

The course I took would be a steal at $120.

Anything else you'd like to add.

As someone who only recently started carrying a gun for a living, the lessons I learned on that course may save my life someday. The techniques, the repetitions and the focus on fundamentals really brings home the realities of firefights and what you need to survive. I spent an entire morning and afternoon shooting, learning and enjoying myself and would gladly pay $120 or more for future training. Thanks to James for his time and effort!
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