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Originally Posted by kayaker55 View Post
Picked up my M&P .22 recently. Shot it for the first time Sunday. Shot high and to the left 3-4" first five. Was able to adjust elevation, but not windage. So it still shoots to the left. Couldn't budge the screw. Looks like loctite was used on the screw. Guys at Oak Tree suggested I call S&W because this seems to be a common problem they're seeing. Tried to call today, but couldn't get through. Will try again tomorrow.
I just broke mine in this morning. The windage was perfect but the elevation was off. Rounds were hitting roughly 2" high. It took six counterclockwise clicks to get the elevation in the zone.

Also got to shoot my buddy's brand new S&W Airweight .38 spl and the guy in the lane next to me offered to let me shoot his S&W M&P .45 (thanks Chris). Both were really nice to shoot even though the Airweight had about a 12lb trigger. I think I'm going to buy an M&P .45 very soon.
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