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Originally Posted by Erion929 View Post
Speaking of cute, love you country panickers and preppers, too many MadMax movies? Oh my gawd....riding a motorcycle through busy streets and freeways!! . Ooooh, riding NEAR a CAR or TRUCK....or heaven forbid, a SEMI Cars careening left and right, outta control! Watch out for their spiked wheels and baseball bats! They might pull a gun on you!

Uhhh, not that hard to navigate through stopped traffic. There won't be 100 police blocking your way, either.

No one says you have to ride at 86 mph....20-40 mph works when you need to. You can also ride through a traffic accident, if you needed to, sheesh....I've had to do it.

You guys really think all of SoCal is going to be "GONE"?

Oh damn....forgot my 3 years of dried foods....where'd I bury that shiet?
So far, you have not described any SHTF scenarios. If going to the next local supermarket is your idea of SHTF, you'll be fine. Nothing to worry about.
Like I said earlier. I've had my M1 for 40 years straight. I've never been without a motorcycle. I raced AFM Liter bikes. My dirt bike is an 87 CR500r. My touring bike is a 1800 cc Gold Wing. I'm not sure where you are getting the wrong impression from. But it isn't from me.
Here in California; Law abiding Citizens are simply Useful Idiots and Criminals are a Protected Species.
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