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Originally Posted by Erion929 View Post
Atlanta, and your commute, has people wanting to go in a specific direction to a specific area. SoCal has a bazillion roads in 28 different directions that can get you out of trouble to help, safety, or a store. You can ride on the sidewalk or Up-the-Down-staircase. I don't think SPEED would be the issue....once the first 30 minutes is gone.

I guess some of you guys' idea of SHTF is worse than others....maybe some think we'll have to go to Waterworld and find Dryland . Are you guys thinking nuclear Apocalypse? For me, I'm just speaking for using a motorcycle to get to an unaffected supermarket or hospital in another city, after a big earthquake, or such. I'm not leaving my house, otherwise.

Anyway, tons of scenarios possible. It's ALWAYS nice to have a motorcycle around
Actually, for its size, there is not many egress roads out of SoCal. A few major roads/fwys knocked out and you all down there are SOL.

Originally Posted by cockedandglocked View Post
It's OT - with enough time, they all become tranny threads.

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