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Originally Posted by Erion929 View Post
Atlanta, and your commute, has people wanting to go in a specific direction to a specific area. SoCal has a bazillion roads in 28 different directions that can get you out of trouble to help, safety, or a store. You can ride on the sidewalk or Up-the-Down-staircase. I don't think SPEED would be the issue....once the first 30 minutes is gone.
If SHTF and people need to evacuate... earthquake or civil unrest.
You get out of LA through Cajon Pass, 14, I-5, 101, I-10, or I-15 down to 74 and I-8, and a handful of mountain roads.
You aren't going to be getting through Santa Ana Canyon or Ortega Hwy to get to the 15.

Any two-lane roads like Carbon Canyon, Angeles Crest, Angeles Forest, etc... one accident is going to shut them down. Now you're back to the freeways, major arterials, or trails.

Once the first 30 minutes is gone, any stores that were not destroyed are going to be looted or sold out. Look at Florida, and they KNOW there will be hurricanes every summer.

The only realistic option is to be fully prepared to be self-subsistent, bug in, and pray that your property survives whatever S has HTF.

Any movement not on foot is going to be most practical on a dual sport... not a traditional street bike and certainly not a cruiser.
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