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What do you plan to do with that degree? I earned a BS degree years ago and it never really got me much of anything. I don't regret it but if you are looking to earn a living, you don't really need a degree. Think law enforcement. Fire is too competitive to get in. CHP is near tops on pay and benies. They also hire more than almost any dept. Cal. Dept. of Corrections is also an option. The pay and benies are not as good as CHP but no pushing a car. The pay is near the top for CA. More than most special depts., SO, and most PDs. They also hire more than ANY other dept. in CA. LA area has several local, good options.

I work CDC and several guys are going to school days and working nights. Younger guys that are doing it as much to meet the ladies than anything else. It keeps them out of trouble.
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