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Originally Posted by twomanattact View Post
Having left the USMC in your same situation with the same skills, I found that it was best to let your USMC experience become a hobby and focus on using traits that are difficult to teach (jjdidtiebuckle) to your advantage. Continue your education while starting a new career. Law enforcement, skilled trade apprenticeships and helper programs seem to cater to prior service. Thank you for your sacrifice to our grateful nation and best of luck
^^^Good advice here. A lot of us have been in your shoes, blowing things up, kicking doors, and shooting people isn't a sought after skill set in the 1st Civ Div. After I got out of the Corps I tried college while working full time and it was rough. I ended up getting into an apprenticeship program with the Operating Engineers union and have been running Cranes and Heavy Equipment for almost 20 years now. Your GI Bill will pay you throughout your apprentice program too which was a nice bonus check. I wanted to be a firefighter but that was back when Affirmative Action was everywhere so I got frustrated and gave up on that. I make good money and the benefits are great so I'm happy. Most of the guys I got out with are Cops or fireman.

A couple words of advice though, be sure that you tell them any issues service related physically in your medical records. It's very hard to prove something later without documentation. Also make your own copies of your medical record if possible, things manage to get lost at the VA, shocking right! Be sure to use your GI Bill to the fullest. Get a degree in something you like but that you can also make money at. If you have DOD clearance that helps with many GOV jobs and if you can get some type of gov job your military years count towards retirement.

Good luck and Semper Fi
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