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Originally Posted by BitViper View Post
I meant.. that with most magnified scopes with a reticle you need to make sure that the cross hairs are "In plane" with your weapon..

I was just wondering if that applied to red dots.. I know that fore and aft is set by the mount on the rails.. I was wondering about left and right horizontal..

My install instructions didnt mention it and I jdidnt find anything onthe web that said i did need to.. but just thought Id ask...

BTW the scope is a Vortex StrikeFire II

Thanks all this forum is a gold mine of information

Just slap it on, most are almost a perfect cowitness out of the box.
Secure your mount then go sight it in at the local range. Your adjustments you will find will be minimal.
Good choice on the Strikefire II , solid RDS
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