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Originally Posted by MyMalteseFalcon View Post
My next question may seem over kill on my knowledge on the 922r compliance parts list. The following list is what I have on my build. There's no pistol grip at the moment, as I have it in a rifle configuration, but I do have one for it. Also, even though I know I don't need to have one on there, is a Solar Tech BB.

Gas piston
Butt stock
Fore grip
Magazine, floor plate, and follower.

In total it's 12 parts that I've got. Is it six (6) parts to make it all 922r?

Would big brother really take a count on how many there are?

Or are they making us whistle Dixie?
You can thank Clinton for the 922(r) thing. 922(r) was intended to keep people (companies) from importing parts for long guns which were no longer importable and just building them again. We should really feel lucky that the law allows for as many as 10 imported parts per long gun. It doesn't matter how many US made parts are on your gun just as long as it only has 10 or less imported parts. By removing the PG and muzzle attachment and putting nothing in their places, you need two less US made parts. Get it?

Putting a ST BB or any other mag lock on a featureless rifle is really just plain STUPID. Having a mag lock on the gun means that you are stuck using 10 round or less mags. Having a featureless build lets you use any mag you want and you can drop them without a tool. Yea, the law doesn't make any sense but, antis aren't the brightest people in the first place.
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