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Has anyone used certified mail to the atf for applying for their 03FFL? Wondering if for some reason it doesn't show as delivered online when mailing to the ATF PO box in the instructions.

I mailed my app. to ATF and my CLEO on the same day (1/31/11) CLEO shows as delivered but FFL app to ATF just shows as 'accepted' (by USPS). The app hasn't been returned and it doesn't show as delivered. My CC also hasn't been charged either. Starting to think that my certified letter has been lost. So much for sending it certified. Has anybody had this problem of a certified letter not showing as delivered but it went through?

Thanks for any insight.


Worst case confirmed today. I go to the post office and they tell me that they have no further information. That it was sent to a PO box and that it was likely delivered but they forgot to scan it in. I tell them that this is unlikely and explain the processing fee and how it hasn't been charged.

Clerk: 'we have no further information'
Me: 'This is a certified letter right? This went certified?'
Clerk: 'Yes'
Me: 'So in other words my certified letter is lost'
Clerk: -blank stare-
Me: Deep breath and repeat to self (it's not her fault) then reply: 'Thank you very much for your help ma'am'

Update 2:

Spoke with ATF today and they don't have my application. Rather then being upset i find it more amusing then anything that the USPS lost my certified letter. Back to square one........

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