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Test Fire

For all intents and purposes you have a semi-auto rifle.

Other than the test rifle, I usually take 30 to 50 rounds of assorted ammo. All different makes of mags I can lay my hands on, and Basic tools.

Visually check for any barrel obstructions and check head spacing once again. I usually fire assorted ammo from assorted mags. A file can fix almost all issues permanently on the spot.

You may also perform an informal sight-in. No point taking a rifle for finishing with canted GB or FSB !

Refinishing the Rifle

Now that the rifle passed the range trip, it is time for TAKING IT ALL APART FOR REFINISHING.

Remove the stock
Muzzle device (and detent pin)
Front site post/blade (also night site in this case)
Rear site (including leaf spring)
Upper Handguard
Lower HandGuard
All BCG and FCG parts
Possibly press out the barrel also (for varying reasons)

Final Assembly

Put it all back together. Look out for scratches, dings and scrapes.

Final Range Test and Sighting-in

10 Rounds will do it.

Knowing you have saved yourself anywhere from $500~$700.00
calls for a special toast!


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