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If you ordered all of the parts, it is a complete firearm, based on what I recall from the BATF. That is why it is said that if you are selling all the parts, the lower should be sold separately. As well, if you assemble it for the customer, you can't sell them all the parts at once, the lower should be transferred before you put it together.
So you are saying if I order a complete lower from RSR and on the same invoice from RSR I order a complete upper I ordered a complete firearm and it needs to be logged into my books as a complete rifle even though the parts were never attached? How does that make sense?

Because it is a complete firearm, just like if you sold all the parts together. The problem with what they are doing is not your problem and you should not cause problems for yourself in order to protect them.
So you are saying every time someone buys parts to complete a gun at the same time the selling FFL is the manufacturer even though he never assembled the parts? That is against everything I have ever read, asked or been told.

Ignoring Federal issues is not a good idea. There is not enough information in your bound book or other records to prove or even indicate that what you received was not legal. If you received a firearm in take down condition and you don't record it as you should under Federal law, that is easier to prove.
I am not ignoring federal laws. I am simply logging in what firearm I received.
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