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I was indifferent about firearms. Wasn't afraid of them but I wasn't interested in owning one. The only time I really became annoyed is when I heard of someone having what "I thought" was an insane amount of firearms but then again, I didn't really care. I never thought I would own a firearms let alone two. After getting my Jeep broken into and eventually stolen, I changed my mind and decided to become a gun owner. The fact that I remained single was another reason why I became a gun owner along with the way the CA gun laws were changing. I thought I should have one firearm before it became hard to get a permit. I'm very low key about telling people that I own firearms and only bring it up among those who already know that I own firearms (2 shotguns). I enjoy trapshooting and it sucks that the gun laws here make it harder for me to enjoy a nice sport. Yeah, it's a sport in book.
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