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Originally Posted by RandyD View Post
Since you are a new shooter, my suggestion regarding your range session tomorrow is just enjoy yourself. Make one load, sight in your rifle, and practice shooting groups. There is a learning curve to shooting groups from a bench and you don't want your errors to be a factor while conducting a ladder test.

It took me days of reading the posts on to fully understand the processes of precision reloading and the ladder test. The time you spend understanding these processes will benefit you in interpreting the results. If you would read that entire thread, you will notice that even the experts submit questions regarding their results. The members on that site have a lot of knowledge, experience and wisdom.
Developing a load is a way of enjoying myself. Tinkering is fun. If I don't know what my gun and ammo are doing, I can't know what my results mean. If my groups are bigger than I want, is it me or the gun? Should I do something different, or am I shooting well, but with a bad load? I want to take the equipment out of the equation as much as possible and see what I can do.

I normally shoot with iron sights and a sling. The gun is fully supported by my body, with just my elbows touching the bench. I want to know what I can shoot unaided (though a sling is a huuuuge help, and I will take it).

I have watched hours of video, on youtube and downloaded DVDs, and read countless posts and articles on reloading for about a year now. I have been reloading only a month less than I've been shooting guns. Developing my rifle load is the next step in developing myself as a shooter.
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