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Originally Posted by Bill Steele View Post
I have been thinking about your quest and a few questions came to mind. You might have already figured this stuff out, if so, no need to even respond.

Have you calulated the muzzle velocity you will need for those 155gr SMK's to get out to 1000yds and still have things stablized? My iSnipe app says it will be somewhere north of 2900fps.

Maybe run the numbers yourself so you can have a target velocity in mind when working a load up. Having a load on a nice wide node that is 300fps slower than required won't help much, at least when you start shooting 1000yds.

I was wondering if you can get to the required velocities with a 20" barrel, I was thinking you may run out of room pressure wise, not saying it is so, just wondering.

Just a few random thoughts.
I will need quite a bit of velocity to stay supersonic at 1000y, and I probably can't get that out of my 20" barrel, but I'm not shooting at 1000 yet, and I will get a new barrel eventually. For now, I just want to slowly work my way down range.
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