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Los Angeles County CCW Policy and Application:

UPDATE (2015 March 01): Per the info in the image of SO's letter in posts #414 and #594 (the latter linked here:, I've updated the title to this thread and its icon. The SO is accepting and holding apps using "self-defense" as Good Cause until Peruta is finalized. You should apply now to "get a place in line", so to speak, before a flood of applications get submitted once Peruta is finalized.

If you have Good Cause beyond mere "self-defense", they will accept and process your application now under their old (and still current) GC standard (i.e., highly restrictive issuance).

Anyone who gets denied in Los Angeles Co (either by a city's PD or by the Sheriff's Office), and wants to fight it should read the following quote from my ("Paladin") post in the Monterey Co thread. (There they accept SD as GC, but push the GMC requirement.) The 14th Amendment Equal Protection applies to ALL aspects of the application process, not just GC and GMC.

Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
So, they say SD = GC, but then push GMC through the roof and, it appears, make your RKBA subject to your neighbors', co-workers' and friends' ratification....

If Bernal does NOT follow this same procedure with ALL CCW applicants (think political donors, "friends of the sheriff"/"posse" members, politicians, celebrities), he's open for a Guillory-type 14th A Equal Protection federal lawsuit, but for GMC rather than GC.

Hypothetically, let's say there's a world-famous film star (and director) who lives in (and was once the mayor of) Carmel-By-The-Sea, a city which, acc to CGF's 2013 survey, does not issue CCWs. We'll call him "Mr. E." Let's suppose Mr. E has a Monterey SO CCW. When it is/was time to renew, if the sheriff has the same policy for renewals that means his "background investigator" would have to go to Mr. E's neighbors (who, unlike his friends, may be hard-core antis), and "ask them if they would recommend [Mr. E] be issued a CCW permit." Not only would the same procedure have to be followed, but the same standard as to judging whether to issue or not be followed. IOW, let's say 1 of your neighbors says "Nyet!" when asked if you should get a CCW and because of that you are denied. If 1 of Mr. E's neighbors also said "No!" and yet was issued, that too is a 14th A Equal Protection violation.
Added 03-22-16
Torrance PD recently started issuing CCWs:

West Covina folks are actively engaging the city council members to push the chief to liberalize issuance:

Glendora folks are also organizing:

Even little La Verne starting to organize to get their chief of police to issue CCWs liberally:
2/11/18 ETA
Originally Posted by Paladin
If you live in the City of Los Angeles you should apply first with LAPD before trying the LA Sheriffs Dept.

Why? Because of a negotiated settlement that has court oversight, they have a more "liberal" Good Cause policy than the sheriffs department.

For more info, see:

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