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Originally Posted by ICONIC View Post
Spot On. How can we advance the notion that those with firearms are not dangerous or rabid individuals. All you are doing is scaring soccer moms in Starbucks.
perhaps if people with firearms are not acting dangerous or rabidly, people could deduce that the mere presence of a firearm does not make any of them dangerous or rabid. if this were to become commonplace, perhaps even the soccer moms would learn to not be scared.

Originally Posted by ICONIC View Post
If I saw some guy walk into a Starbucks with an AR 15, I am thinking Spree shooter and I am probably going to take you down. What we need in California is ccw. Firearms should be concealed not carried in the open.
what we need is constitutional carry, so people can carry any way they like. there's no reason open carry should be illegal -- NONE.

Originally Posted by Highsaw View Post
Guys Im from Washington state, moving to Kalifornia at the end of the week for work and family. I conceal carry here in WA, and most people I know do aswell. Under no circumstance would i ever open carry, nor have I ever seen anyone besides an LEO do so. WTF are you guys thinking?? hurr durr my rights!!! All your doing is stripping rights away from those of us with some common damn sense.
so ... don't do something which is completely legal (which open carry was at the time) because it might be made illegal? that seems to conflict with the notion of citizens living in a free society. you should run for legislative office once you get here; you'll fit right in.

Originally Posted by Fate View Post
I blame the UOCers because they intentionally poked the bear. They were warned multiple times that it was a bad idea, yet they wanted to make a point. A political statement. Well they got the bear to wake up, take notice and kick them to the curb.
of course: the fault obviously lies with the citizens who were exercising their constitutional rights, not with the legislators who chose to arrogate those rights. if you apply this line of "reasoning" to the first amendment, reductio ad absurdum takes effect really quickly.
“Keep it up, America, keep telling your youth that mud and danger are fit only for intellectual pigs. Keep on saying that only the stupid are fit to sacrifice, that America must be defended by the low-brow and enjoyed by the high-brow. Keep vaunting head over heart, and soon the head will arrive at the complete folly of any kind of fight and meekly surrender the treasure to the first bandit with enough heart to demand it.” (Robert Leckie)

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