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Originally Posted by Coded-Dude View Post
are you saying we should cower and hide behind the fears of the impractical and ignorant so that our rights aren't stripped away for nonsensical reasons?
No, not at all. I'm saying that we should be strategic and practical in our application of our rights. As human beings we have inalienable rights, as citizens we should temper our desires with a sense of community and responsibility. If you know that walking into Starbucks with an AR will cause a ruckus, but you want to be able to do that. Then I suggest starting with taking people from your community to the gun range and alleviate their fears before forcing them to confront them.

My dog was afraid of the water. I didn't throw her in the deep end of the pool just because I could. I had a goal and an obstacle to overcome. I slowly made her comfortable in a plastic pool. Then in shallow water where she could tread water and walk around. Then I urged her into the deeper parts of the pool. That is the way most changes are made. Little by little. I didn't "cower and hide" when my dog had a fear, and I don't around people that are afraid of guns. I make them comfortable little by little until they are on my side of gun rights.
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