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Originally Posted by CitaDeL View Post
It seems your blame of UOC'rs is misplaced. In my view, the fault lays solely with Portantino for advancing this legislation for the mere possibility that individuals or groups might UOC rifles in his district, as there has been no long gun open carry activity designed to attract media attention or the consternation of the legislature.

It is thanks to politicians like Portantino, that people fear the prospect of what activity gun owners might take part in and insist on telling others what is or isnt acceptable based on their own irrational fears.
I blame the UOCers because they intentionally poked the bear. They were warned multiple times that it was a bad idea, yet they wanted to make a point. A political statement. Well they got the bear to wake up, take notice and kick them to the curb. Then the same guys (most notably Pullnshoot's brother, IIRC) made very public rumblings about doing the same thing with long guns. There was also that one posting videos of himself on YouTube UOCing an AR at In and Out and around Costa Mesa. Portiano jumped at the chance to score political points and nip it in the bud.

Instead of being patient with the carry cases currently working thru the system, the UOC crowd screwed the pooch and left it to others to work to fix the mess.
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