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I disagree that he is the problem, he is a good speaker though some of his speeches could use some work. Overall the bigger problem is the NRA needs to adjust how they operate to be more successful.

The main problem is fighting for 2A rights is not just in Washington anymore, its on a local level, national as well as local media, the internet/social networking, and so on. Part of the reason I think the gun grabbers get any traction is because its such a multi pronged attack, we need to do the same and we have FACTS on our side but people don't know that because the 5 minutes of news they watch each day keeps saying "GUNS KILL CHILDREN, GUNS BAD, NRA WANTS CHILDREN TO DIE" Its all lies but if you grew up your entire life with everyone around you telling you the sky was green, you very well might actually believe it lacking any other perspective.

We need a more diverse group of people speaking for 2A rights & representing not just the NRA but many 2A groups. I believe a big key in changing the minds of the public is changing who they think gun owners are and to do that we need to be putting forward people who do just that. We need to put foreword Woman, ethnicity's other than white, gays, people of all ages, legal immigrants, people who have grown up all over the country not just already pro gun states, people of varying economic levels, teachers, police, military, parents, business professionals, non-gun owners and so on. Additionally they need to be reaching out to the vast community on-line thats constantly putting together excellent videos, articles, letters, etc in support of the the 2nd amendment and inviting them to get involved, speak on behalf of the NRA at an event, or fund professional video production of new videos with those people. Obviously a big component is going to be selection of the right people but in addition to that they will need to play to the peoples advantages some people are going to be better at delivering a speech, others good at delivering a message via video, others will be good at retaining lots of information and debating live, etc and to support them they need a really strong research department and a strong team of writers helping them create speeches, sound bites, and strong but respectful counter arguments.

The NRA needs to realize it can't all be under their name, they need to quietly support other 2A organizations. It makes it a lot more difficult for the media to play "THE CRAZY NRA PEOPLE SAID" if its NOT the NRA saying EVERYTHING... then all of a sudden the media has to figure out how to demonize multiple organizations, which they may well do but it makes it MORE difficult and thats the key. It also provides more variety to the people which better illustrates the size of support behind the 2nd amendment.

Then finally they need a REALLY strong communications group, thats making sure everyone is presenting the same united front and they are not quoting false, misleading or contradicting information. This department would sorta meld into the research department I spoke of before, because they need to be doing research into everything they can pull from the past but they also need people watching the developments every day and putting together daily briefs that go out to all the representatives including talking points, new facts, and corrections to existing information. At times they would probably have to send out mid-day, or breaking news updates to those briefs to be sure that all the representatives and teams are always up to date! However they should also have a strong and clear threshold for what constitutes fact because the last thing we want to do is behave like the media and just tell people whatever someone told us.

I'm sure other folks have even more ideas, but the point is we need to see MORE from the NRA.. Writing this has actually inspired me to write the NRA and tell them the points I make above. No time like the present!
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