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Originally Posted by interstellar View Post
It was a tradition to offered the condemned a cigarette and a blindfold before execution by firing squad. In the graphic on our shirts, the bear represents our civil right about to be shot.

There is a second analogy in the graphic. Can you see it?

Kudos to Michael for the awesome design!

Thank you JD for the kind words. It was great watching you work yesterday, too.


Originally Posted by kel-tec-innovations View Post
I thought it was a blunt or a joint lol, thanks for the explanation
It was a great honor to help out Kris!

lol, regarding the thought it could have been a joint.

I think it should be what ever the condemned person wants and, though I've actually never smoked anything, I support the right of the individual to smoke what ever they want as long as it doesn't infringe in my right to enjoy smoke free air.

The point would be that the government has no business dictating to a free people how they may enjoy their God given rights.

In fact, the government is the entity that is restricted regarding their activity in such matters but it seems the world is upside down these days.


This is the USA. We don't elect kings, we rebel against them!
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