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Originally Posted by Mg911guy View Post
Hey what does this mean it's from AB1527 didn't he veto SB 1366?
This bill would incorporate additional changes to Section 16520 of the Penal Code proposed by SB 1366, that would become operative only if SB 1366 and this bill are both enacted, both bills become effective on or before January 1, 2013, and this bill is enacted last.

I read it Here

Wait so.. do.. crap. I admit it, was this a tactical move on Brown's part or am I giving him too much credit? Because it would be brilliant political move, it true, talk about pandering to two opposing sides at once.


NO NO NO, that is referring to the alterations to 16520 (firearms definitions) as prescribed in 1366 only if both bills are passed. So only the definitions of a firearm in 16520 are unaltered, the ban stands.
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