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Originally Posted by MJB View Post
High, don't forget their are three type of body sized labs. Theirs the English lab which is smaller than the American lab with it's big block head and a 100lbs dog.
Then theirs some guys breeding a slimmer lab that's a field trial labs size.

All three have pros & cons do your research and you'll be a happier hunter.
Yup, my male is 60lbs when lean, and around 65lbs+ when bulked up in season. My younger female is 55lbs. Waiting on their genetic tests to come back, if everything checks out I'll be having a litter with them in a year. Hoping for pups that end up in the middle of the two when they are adults.

Some guys really like their 90-110lb labs. Nothing against them, just not for me. Something about those smaller labs man, their drive seems to be totally different. Plus, easier to pick up and they don't kill you when they jump on you on the couch.

One of these days I'll cave and get a GSP. They are just awesome dogs all around. Something about them. I just don't know anything about training pointers so I'd probably have to set aside around $5,000 to get him trained by someone who knows what they are doing.
Originally Posted by rootuser View Post
There are too many in this forum that do nothing. Don't vote, don't belong to the NRA, don't donate time and or money, etc etc so the anti-gun bills will just keep coming and coming. You are right. Us doing nothing at all won't help.
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