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Originally Posted by Laythor View Post
Anyone who dislikes 22LR either doesn't have a dad or had a dad who didn't love them. LOL
My father was an active shooter since he was a boy. When we would go out shooting together he would bring his M1, his Springfield, his 1911 and his Smith & Wesson .38 Special. But he also always brought out this old High Standard .22 pistol he bought for my mother before I was born. And later he got himself a 10/22. He had a strange fascination for those rimfires.

For years I never understood it. I'd shoot a magazine or two out of the High Standard, but go back to shooting the real guns as soon as possible. The first gun I purchased for myself was a Smith & Wesson Model 629.

But then in middle age I suddenly experienced a strange affection for .22s. I must have over a dozen of them, rifles, pistols and a revolver. These days I think I prefer shooting .22s over other rifle calibers.

Maybe it's something that comes with gray hair.
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