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Originally Posted by johnny1290 View Post
I bought $150 worth of. 22 and that'll last me for years. I also take tactical classes with my phoenix arms hp22a and my 10/22.

if guys want to burn $300 or $400 worth of ammo for $150 class, good for them. Id rather spend $20 and take more classes.

Their ARs and 1911s jam anyway lol
yeah no kidding. I just bought 5250 rounds for $170 shipped (From Dunns, thanks to whoever posted the site in another thread!)

That's a lot of fun right there! That's adding to the several 500 packs I bought previously.

Adding a Marlin 795 to the mix and I have a pistol and rifle that shoot the same cheapo ammo.

The bottom line is that I enjoy shooting, it's fun, it's challenging. It can be expensive or it can be cheap...

Besides, who cares what other people think. If someone said to me "That's a sissy round" well, so what?
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