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Originally Posted by hoss_hk View Post
Look at the posts in this forum. How about more forum info? The main thing seems to be to ask people to say hello, but then what? What about making it more accessible/relevant to SD regional posts? Limited # of people start threads (mostly by out of region Mods). Tons read them. You're not going to solicit support by bashing everyone with your "hello" post.

You can say the same as me, complain, etc., and "what are you doing to change anything?" OK. What else can we do besides staff a few shows? What info is there for people representing for CGN (and possibly not CGF) at these shows? Do they know the difference? I didn't until last week (thanks to Brandon/Wildhawker). Can we solicit separate funds and should we? How about a weekly/weekend range/match shoot? How about more support for these random UCSD shooting/training events? Is there a SD agenda? How can we help from here on out ( ie more than show up on sat/sun at some beef jerky/swap meet stc )?

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