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Originally Posted by OleCuss View Post
And I'd agree that it's not been posted one more time than it should be. I'll welcome the next hundred times it is linked - as I suspect you will as well.

Interesting to have seen the video and then hear the Gibson guitar people talking about how one of the points the lecturer makes is messing them over.

Gibson is being harassed by our federal government over their use of wood lawfully obtained overseas. The relevant governments say that Gibson is buying wood which is lawfully exported to the U.S. in accordance with their law.

But the U.S. government disagrees with the foreign government's interpretation of their own laws and thus wants to prosecute Gibson for violating foreign laws - with the foreign government saying that the foreign laws were not violated.

That is just how utterly insane our laws are. Talking to cops when you know that everything that you have done is in accord with U.S. law and even any relevant foreign law invoked by that U.S. law could still get you prosecuted by the U.S.
Remember, Martha Stewart was prosecuted for making a false statement to government agents while she was under investigation for SEC infractions. She could have remained silent, but didn't. It cost her a felony conviction and 6 months in federal prison.
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