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Originally Posted by jvrotter View Post
Sorry about the late reply, my internet gear went bellyup for the last week.
Anyway powers that be forced us to shut down the page. The reasoning was that it violated our non-profit status.
So I will be relaying club info here until it gets straightened out.
If you get up this way, you can shoot on a daily basis for $5 a day. We have paper target- frames out to 400yds and steel out to 600yds.
We're 5 miles east of 29Palms city. Not real close to Palm Springs, about 60 miles.
While it is technically true that non-members can shoot for a $5 daily use fee, the problem comes in when there are no members present on the range. Thus no one is there to open the gate. Also if the only member present decides to leave 5 minutes after you get there, you are leaving as well since the gate needs to be locked.

This is due to the range operating on the honor system sans RSOs, which while very convinient for members (who all have a key) makes it hit or miss for non-members to try to shoot on the spur of the moment.

So it isn't a good idea to make the drive without having made prior contact with a member.
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