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i have the airsoft eotech

i dont really see why this should be illegal it is a device intended for use on airsoft only not real guns its like the replica guns should the gun makers sue for copying the outer shape?

i bought mine

it takes 2 aaa's(but should take aa's) and the reticle grows as you back away from the sight its weird like a foot back the circle dot is huge about 5 inches away it seems ok its a reflected red dot its kind of neat how they were able to do that in that small area

it also kind of sits canted on the rail and the battery latch kind of hangs up and intrudes on the sight picture

i got mine off ebay form a buy it now with free shipping
i figured for $60 i'll risk it from china and it only took a week and paypal might protect me

i'm wishing i went for the airsoft acog cause it has the back up sights onboard

i sure as heck am not paying 400 for a 10/22 optic

i got some questions for real eotech owners

is the battery compartment metal?

how bright does it get?
on full brightness can you see it looking at a 60 watt lightbulb? 75 watt? 100watt?
is the reticle spotty like digital image?

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