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Originally Posted by audiophil2 View Post
Not really. I can use bdm jn my cmmg and spikes conversion kits. They work with my full auto ciener kit in my M16. They work with most .22 uppers. The smiths just work in smiths.
Not exactly the case. I use S&W magazines in my dedicated .22 AR, equipped with a CMMG barrel and bolt group. They will work with a Ciener and CMMG with a spacer on the mag, I have done so. Combined with a Catch 22 bolt stop and stick on mag spacers, the bolt stop works exactly like a 5.56 in a rifle whose weight is closer to a 5.56 rifle than the S&W.

Currently, Black Dog mags aren't any more or less available than S&W in any case. While I have seen S&W mags in local gun stores in my area (until the panic started, that is), I've never seen a BD mag in a retail display.

For the OP's benefit, the S&W is a good rifle. If you can't beat that price new, buy it.
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