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Originally Posted by A-J View Post
With good cause if you're talking about the right (wrong) person. Some of the staff have a difficult time focusing / take a loooong time to cut the paper. Others get it done "with a purpose" as they say. Overall I don't have a problem with them except when they put out of stock guns on sale and you have to wait 4 months.
ok that might be the one thing they do that irritates me. i saved all my OT money and every little bit i could for a ruger p95. it finally came back on sale and i jumped right in to the store. was told i had to put my name on a list and they'd call me. whatever, put down my deposit and signed my paperwork. after 3 weeks i still hadn't heard anything. screw it, went in and cancelled my order and put the money towards an in stock AR istead.

still want my p95 though.
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