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Originally Posted by advocatusdiaboli View Post
Here is one assessment: The .280 Remington is capable of developing energy nearly equal to the .30-06 Springfield, but with lighter bullets having a better ballistic coefficient. The .30-06 produces more energy than the .280 with bullets heavier than 180 grains, though .284" 175 grain bullets have a high sectional density of .310, compared to the 30-06 180 grain bullet with a moderate sectional density of .271. The .280 is suitable for hunting any game in North America with good shot placement.

Our posts crossed but our assessments are pretty close (I am a hunter and intend to be a hobbyist reloader and amateur precision shooter)—only our conclusions differ but for similar reasons: I want to standardize on bullets and you do (.284" for me, .308" for you). I want a short action option for the bullet (7mm-08) and you perhaps do too (.308). But you make a good point about .280 though it only applies to brass I think, not bullets given the .284 is shared among a few cartridges. Of course if we cannot overturn the foolish lead bullet ban coming in a few years, .280's lower popularity might end up costing me more significantly. I might then wish I'd standardized on .30-06/.308 instead of .280/7mm-08 or be spending a lot of time re-forming brass and paying extra for bullets.

I've always been intrigued by the 7-08. In fact I've really been intrigued by the 6.5-08 and I've seriously considered rebarreling my 30-06 in 6.5-06 of buying a custom. The 6.5 (I have a swede Mauser) bullets are even better BC and SD numbers.

Or just buy another 6.5x55!!
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