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Originally Posted by tenpercentfirearms View Post
False. You said I said something I did not say. You lie.
Yep, you like to make things up.

Sure you went over there and looked. Totally believable.
Well, you are an idiot because I happen to stop by there fairly often. It is not that I went over there and looked, it is because I happened to stop by and so I believe I looked.

The fact they called and asked and the dealer said he should have marked it 1 in 30 exempt and he forgot is the reason they allowed it to go through.
Let's see, I talked to him and the CA DOJ, I know what he told me and what was done, but you say all of that is wrong? So who did you talk to? So what do you see? What do you personally know? Where do you get that he forgot? Where do you get that they would let it go through because he said he forgot? Why do you think that they would let it go through if he claimed that he forgot? You know nothing and are just making it all up in order to make yourself feel better.

First off you have absolutely no idea of what happened, so you make up a story to be what you want it to be. The fact is that the DOJ did not call the dealer, I called and gave them the person's number and they called her. The next thing is that I seriously doubt that the DOJ would believe or care that the person forgot to mark it and then accept it later.

The real fact is that they did mark it and the DOJ did not look at that field. That is why they went silence.

The real fact is that you are making things up and don't know what you are talking about, but just have to win the argument, even if it takes lies to try to do so.

If you tell a computer to flag something, it flags it. It won't just decide one day to flag it and another day not to. Human error is possible, but computer error is quite rare if not impossible.
Oh, I see, computers are magical and not programmed by humans, so computers always work correctly and do nothing wrong. I have seen far too many people think that if it comes out of a computer then it must be right, but they have no concept of garbage in, garbage out. The DROS system is a mess.

Again, do you know of any 2 in 30 days being approved? I know of many 2 in 30 days not being approved.
That was not the issue I raised with you, it was in regards to the DROS system and human error, but it seems clear you just can't read and understand things.

Once again, you just like to type a lot and type about nothing.
What an idiot, you lie, make things up and then make more false claims about me.

Like the other thread, I am moving on. Have fun arguing yourself in circles. Again, you will respond and you will harp on about the normal rantings. Enjoy yourself.
Yep, you had best go away because you have been shown to be a liar. In this case you are worse than in the other threads because you made up things out of whole cloth in order to try to "win".
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