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Originally Posted by tenpercentfirearms View Post
Your example does not apply here. One of you did the DROS wrong and the computer caught it as I said. Cool story bro.
Sorry, but you are wrong. Since the transfer I did was not exempt from the 1 in 30, there was nothing that I could have done wrong. Also, I checked with the other FFL and he correctly marked that it was exempt from the 1 in 30 and he confirmed that with the paperwork. The CA DOJ did not look at that field, due to human error, and incorrectly said it was a violation. When this was pointed out to them, they went silent, as they knew they were wrong, and the DROS that I submitted was not cancelled, which is what they had originally said had to be done.

You said that there could not be any human error, I showed that it actually happened, although in the reverse. It is also possible that the DOJ could make a mistake and not catch it due to how they seem to operate and how the system works.
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