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Originally Posted by SxB View Post
I can't speak for everyone but I know I enjoy shooting as a hobby. I buy several handguns a year. Some I love and keep, others I don't. I typically don't keep guns I don't like.
I could definitely understand if there were LEO's buying guns in bulk and selling them to make regular and significant profits, but I think it's kinda ridiculous to "crack down" on those simply selling one to buy another.
On an somewhat unrelated note..... I've yet to catch a criminal with a 10 round mag or bullet button..... doesn't seem these laws do much to hinder criminals from doing whatever they please. Oh!!!! And thanks to prop 47 certain gun law violations are now misdemeanors.... so when your local theif get busted with a stolen firearm, guess what? Cite released from the scene to go about whatever business he'd like.
Ok... sorry... done ranting. Lol.
I'm in the same boat. I love guns and buy several a year. There are literally no guns on the roster that are of interest to me. This means that every single handgun I buy is an "off roster" handgun. I take my guns shooting and if for whatever reason I don't like it, I'm not going to keep it. What's the point of keeping a gun I don't like? It's just a paperweight sitting in my safe collecting dust when I can sell off and buy another gun that I possibly will like.

It's also of benefit to other law abiding citizens who love guns and would like to buy off roster firearms. If it wasn't for a LEO wanting to sell off their firearms, some of these guys would never be able to buy their dream guns.
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