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Originally Posted by jc0311 View Post
Exactly, if your just buying with the ultimate goal of flipping the gun for a profit that's where the issue lies.[/QUOT

The ATF does not care about the LEO that has had a back-up for a year or so and decides to sell it for a profit in order to buy a different back-up.

The problem is the obvious flagrant violation involving the LEO who goes down to Pro Force and walks out with three NIB Sig Legions and sells three NIB Legions the following week. That person has technically become a gun dealer without a FFL license.

Mark my word, if this continues, the legislature will remove the LEO exemption for off-roster guns unless the LEO can provide a letter from the head of their department authorizing the purchase for "official duties."

What gets me is a guy making well over $100,000 a year in his day job as a LEO, who has a pension worth millions would risk it all to make an extra $500-$600 on a gun sale. For God's sake work 5 or 6 hours of overtime if you need $500-$600 bucks and quit violating your oath.
Agree with You 100%.

How about a situation like this :

LEO knows that if they buy an off roster handgun and for some reason dont like it , they can easly sell it for the full purchase price (including tax) and try something else without any monetary loss. (Something that would not work with ON ROSTER new handguns). Know that , LEO just buys whatever they think they may like and if they dont , sells it to buy something else. WITHOUT PROFFIT. Does that sound ok?

PS. Like going to the car dealership and knowing that any new car You buy , You can sell for the full amount that You paid ( inluding sales tax) after few months and go buy another one to try it out. And You can do it over and over. Without making any money OR loosing any money.
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