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Originally Posted by Bobby Ricigliano View Post
I eagerly awaited the Brown Van O' Goodness and my box arrived at around 2pm today from Classic Arms. My order was a hand select / matching SKS.

First Impressions:

Classic seems to package their rifles a little better, as this one was tightly packed in bubble wrap inside the cardboard box. I greedily tore at it in anticipation of the contents. The fun part of this whole Chicom SKS bonanza is wondering what your particular rifle will look like, as it seems they are all over the spectrum.

I immediately noticed that the stock looked like it had been PAINTED with grey paint! It was patchy and the mottled red finish was visible where the paint wore off.

On the other hand, all of the metal surfaces were deep blue and MINTY. I immediately tore the rifle apart to look for hidden rust or issues (Both of the J&G rifles I got had some minor pitting on the receiver below the wood line). This one has no pitting or rust anywhere at all.

All of the metal looked great and all the numbers matched 100%. Once I started wiping down the stock with mineral spirits I realized that the stock is matching and original to the gun..Yeah!!

I failed to take pictures before tearing it down but I snapped a few after the fact. The stock is actually in good shape underneath all that gunk. I will post up pictures of as soon as its all put back together.

P.S. I thought I might sell this one off, but after receiving it and inspecting it....I'M KEEPING IT!

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