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Originally Posted by devilinblack View Post
Okay, I got another Winchester 24. Serial# 55976. Seller claimed made in 1947 but I was curious if you've got any more info.


Stephen, Made in 1947, but could have been made 1946.
The 24's were made from 1938 to 1957, only 5 were built in 1938, and the last one made in 1957 was 116,280.
Now, the reason I say "could have been 1946". Production records are incomplete during the war years.
In 1942 the last one made, was serial number 47,732 with, 3,215 made that year.
1943 and 44 had no production.
1945 only 230 were made with that last serial number of 47,962.
1946 had no records.
1947 shows 10,978 made, last serial number was 58,940.
Probably a safe bet that it was made in 1947.
I need to dig mine out and date it, I keep forgetting to check it!
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