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Originally Posted by jnojr View Post
Easily! They just "propose" it again. And again. And again. Until it passes.
Our area, some time back, decided it needed a high school, although in many people's brains, this was financially unwise. The kids have been schooled in temporary buildings since that high school was started, with a condemned bym they could not use.

Time after time after time after time (literally) they tried to pass a bond for a new school and eventually succeeded, by a tiny margin, having worn down the opposition. Now, having spent millions on architects' fees, engineers' fees etc. they discover that the state will not after all be supplying matching funds and the new school is a non-starter. Not to mention that the high speed rail line may well be going straight through the school grounds.

What I don't understand is the proposed cost of the new school. For what they intended to spend on each student, they could have bought that student a complete new three bedroom house. Why is that much money needed for 3% of the floor space of a classroom (assuming 33 students per class) and common amenities?

So yes, no matter how mad an idea, you just keep asking and asking and asking until the opposition is worn down.
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