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Originally Posted by zombiescanlearn View Post
I've done all of Stan's carbine class with that bullet button tool attached to the magazines, that seem to work best for me. That finger tip tool works until you're under pressure and running around everywhere -- it falls off and you're screwed. You really don't know what works though until you get it out there and run with it.

I'm going to use my AK47 for the Carbine 202 course on April 16. That will be my first time with an AK, it probably won't be pretty.
Haha yah my buddy uses the tool attached to his mag also but so far I've been pretty fortunate with the tool.

We are actually taking 303 soon and he is running the ak. I think I'm going to actually run an AR pistol just to see how that's like. Might as well put everything to the paces.

You should be gtg with the ak though can't see why not minus fumbling with the mag release
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