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Originally Posted by BobB35 View Post
Really? I didn't know all of DARPA was located in CA or that CERN had moved to CA. I would go out on a limb and say that claim to be just a little arrogant and follow up that was 15 years ago....why are all the companies leaving CA?
Relax just a little.

Gene knows a lot about the business climate in California and he certainly knows about DARPA's early involvement in the invention of the Internet (my apologies to Al Gore). But at the same time Silicon Valley is utterly huge in Internet development - I really don't think there is any other geographic area which can compete in that area of current endeavor.

But the other part is extremely important. On many aspects of legal and social issues (and for either good or for evil) California does tend to lead the nation. One could argue that California is in a state of decline, and if one does they must mourn for our country because the odds are entirely too high that California will then lead our entire nation into decline.

This leadership on firearms issues is a difficult one. California has led in gutting our RKBA along with several other states. This is a terrible thing but it may now be reversing.

Thanks to the CGF board, CGN, and so many others who volunteer, contribute, and cooperate - California appears to be leading the effort to restore our RKBA in a durable and legally defensible fashion. So far as I can tell, there just isn't anything else in the nation which can quite equal what is happening here in California.

CGF appears to be in close cooperation with SAF, probably closely cooperating with CRPA, at least loosely coordinates with the NRA, and seems to be increasingly able to work with our UOC organizations as well. There are tendrils of influence that reach into other states to foster certain actions as well.

I'm not sure one could say that CGF is the key to our nationwide effort to secure our RKBA, but it is at least one of the keys - and I'm not sure it would actually work without CGF.

That sounds like a fairly grandiose assessment of the CGF importance, but if you examine what they are actually doing and the strategic effect of the litigation they have sponsored or assisted on, I'm not sure that it is an overblown assessment. They are going to roll back a lot of stuff in this state, and partly because they are in the 9th Circuit they are going to have a huge effect both from wins and from losses which create circuit splits and the crucial SCOTUS opinions.

It's sort of at the point that when CGF wins, they win. When CGF loses, they win bigger (although maybe indirectly). If I were an anti-RKBA type I might just throw up my arms and quit when I saw CGF litigation because not defending against the CGF case is a loss for them - but a smaller loss than if they win.
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