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Repub's need to be more focused on the number of candidates in the primaries. And the candidates have to be very moderate. If you have multiple candidates running then the vote gets split up and nobody makes the top two. I know it is impossible to keep people from running for office. But if the repub's stood behind one candidate in each district there is a better chance of getting a conservative repub on the ballot. To win the game you need to make the rules work in your favor.

Still no response from the New California folks about the lack of the right to keep and bear arms in their proposed constitution.

All of coastal California is heavily democratic. All the way to the northern broader. The sea ports along the northern coast are marginal at best. No loss if those northern coastal counties stay in California. The proposition that spawned the coastal commission had it's birth in Mendocino county where a bunch of environmentalist tried to stop a major development that would have blocked access to miles of coastline. So keeping those democratic strongholds does nothing for New California's alleged conservative claims.
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