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Originally Posted by Mustang View Post
Are there any inside linings, like chrome, that can extend barrel life?
Originally Posted by LynnJr View Post
I now use stainless on everything even hunting rifles and if your after that black finish you can have a stainless barrel melonited.
Melonite a.k.a. Nitride or QPQ is a surface treatment that hardens the outer skin of a steel object, and turns it black.

I just measured the hardness of two barrels I have on hand using a Starrett 3811A portable hardness tester:

A Faxon QPQ Nitrided 4150 barrel: 3-point average hardness was 56.3 HRC

A Bartlein stainless 416R barrel blank: 3-point average hardness was 30.8 HRC.

I don't have any nitrided stainless barrels on hand, but I would imagine that the Bartlein barrel's surface hardness could be increased to 55 HRC by nitriding/Meloniting.

The nitride treatment penetrates just a few thousandths into the steel surface, I would not think it would be more than 0.005" or about the difference in height between a rifling groove and land, but that would be deep enough to increase the life of the throat.

Anyone have experience with nitrided stainless match barrels? How much longer do they last?
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