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Default lets talk about barrel life...

Originally Posted by LynnJr View Post

I don't do the type of shooting you guys do but I always have an opinion.

The shorter barrels are stiffer so they tend to tune easier in my opinion. The straight cylinder barrels seem to tune easier as well again that is my opinion.

Some barrels fade away slowly while others completely stop shooting and in my experience the bigger the bore the more noticeable it becomes.

I changed out 2 barrels a year while competing regardless of the round count because I had a place in line with a super gunsmith.

Keep your powder charge near the top of the node not the middle or beginning and seat all your rounds to within 0.001 of each other using a comparator.

The variation you will see is coming from the bullets and it is an eye opener. I have seen 0.023 variation out of a box of 100 bullets.

If your shooting a 6mm try a box of 103 VaporTrail bullets or the ones made by Randy Robinette if you can get them. If not give the Berger 105 BT bullets a try not the VLD or 108's.


Someone asked a question about CM barrels lasting longer than SS barrels.

While your accuracy needs are measured in parts of 1/10ths, I am ok with a couple. I have had a lot of factory CM barrels but none that shoot much better than 2/10s (just at and sometimes above 1/2 MOA)

It seems lasting longer is just that, so I see no advantage to CM, just worst longer, unless used in auto fire. But I have no idea in precision rifle, it is just a guess. My CMs spin off fairly fast.

Can you ahead light on the truth?

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