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Default lets talk about barrel life...

Originally Posted by diver160651 View Post
Sorry to derail this a tiny bit~

That's fast out of a 47 [emoji4]

Thats 1/2 mil lower than what I get in the valley areas and up by you, you'd still be about .2 tenths or so flatter when I am running 130's from 26" barrels. I have never run the 123 Scenars. What barrel length and powder (H4350) are you running?

I think I am going down from 26 to 24, but not sure what that might do to my velocity as the barrels themselves can have a fairly big velocity spread between them.

Maybe once I get my barrels back the 123 should be on my radar? Funny, I went from 105's to a 6.5- 140s/130s other than trying the 120 flatlines, I skipped over the 123s. I 'm sure the small primered 47 and lapua C brass is easier to load for, but I have thousands of Prime once fired large primer Creeds.. Have you found the 123 to be sensitive to jump like the Berger VLDs?

Back to barrels, any idea how running @ or just above most Dasher speeds, might play out life wise in the 6.5?

Sorry for all the questions -

Derail away I like the discussion

As far as barrel length goes Iíve ran from 30Ē down to 22Ē and maybe itís just me but the shorter barrels are easier to tune and seem a bit more accurate but I think 26Ē is the sweet spot where handy/velocity and accuracy meet...Iíve shot 24Ē the last few barrels and you can get the speed but you have to lean on them a little.
My current barrel is 26Ē and 3030 is not hot itís in the low warm side I could probably lean on it a little and get 3100

Last 47 barrel was 24Ē and I was running 130s at 2925-2940 with varget.

As far as shooting fast loads and barrel life goes I donít think thereís a huge first 47 barrel was 24Ē and lasted 2175 before it was done shooting 140 hybrids at 2725-2740.

And like I said Iíll take a faster load thatís a little looser over a slower tighter load...I shot 130g Berger hybrids out of a 24Ē Krieger 260 rem at 3050 for 1950-1975 rounds.

No the 123s are not sensitive but the shoot best from touching out to .020 off I havenít tried any of our better shooters has never shot anything but 123s and heís been shooting 20yrs...he runs they 3050 out of a 26Ē barreled creed.

I only run varget in the 47 4350 donít give the speed or accuracy that varget does and varget has shot every bullet Iíve tried you Iím tired of reloading so I stick with what works I donít want to chase loads anymore

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