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Originally Posted by diver160651 View Post
I can shoot small enough groups at 100, but at distance, to much influences for me to use that as my benchmark. Just my personal thing.

If the group size at 100 becomes much larger than 1/2” or if I loose speed and SDs (then it will open up soon), I know it’s time.

I like you, have had bad barrels, some way overbore go away in <900 rounds.

<<Not sure what just happened but everything below this jus vanished >>

Quick retype: I ran my main 6.5C over 4200 and still was doing well in the match types you and I shoot. Was running 2840 with 140s and Factory 130 Prime was at 2910. Not sure why this Krieger ran so long. But it was still me missing more than the barrel.

Anyway I have a couple new barrels coming..
diver you are one of a hand full of guys that could say he got 4200 rounds through a creedmoor that i would actually believe especially at those speeds.

i know a guy that shoots in the series back east and said he got 3600 rounds through a 6.5x47 and i believe him but ive not had(or seen)that luck in any 6.5 rifle...and is the reason i decided to try the 47.

also you randal and i are on the same about a 1/2min a barrel is done.

Originally Posted by ar15barrels View Post
I consider a barrel "shot out" when it will no longer hold DOUBLE the accuracy of when it was new.
Since they usually shoot 1/4moa when new, your 1/2moa grouping is right in line with about where I would be pulling them off as well.

I typically see 308 sized 6.5's lasting about 2300 rounds before they lose peak accuracy.
Everyone screams and cries about that saying they shot theirs over 3000 rounds, but I guarantee you that if they know what they are doing, they were doubting those last 500 rounds or they have a much lower accuracy requirement.
this is my exact thoughts and experience with the 6.5s...i had a shilen go 2800 but that was running 140s at 2700 it would not shoot anything faster than 2725 so pretty light loads for a 260.

i see all the talk and ive heard it on the line and i just laugh to myself...guy that shoots at our matches claims he got 3500 through his creed and set the barrel back and got another i know this is BS because i had 1 barrel set back and will never do it again.
all of the other 6.5 barrels have gone away between about 2000 and 2500 plus or minus a few hundred either way but most right at 2100-2200.

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